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FREE DOWNLOAD: https://danielcoma.bandcamp.com/ Lyrics: What’s good bitch This is the freaking beginning of the song By the time we get to the end it’ll be the end of the song bitch I wear a thong bitch I wear a thong creme cheese on my belly button mom Speaking of cream cheese I like cheese cake A cheesecake enema I do that shit everyday Actual reality act up fight aye Don’t have sex with people that have loose yourself BAD that’s why it’s funny na chill that’s mad fucked up this song was made cause you know we just love the controversy bitch,bitch,bitch,bitch,bitch you’re all gonna die smoke jenkem everyday makes me go insane smoke jenkem everyday makes me go insane smoke jenkem everyday makes me go insane step 1 shit in a jar step 2 leave it outside step 3 make sure it gets sunlight step 4 leave it there for a month step 4 drink that shit you get mad HIGH Ayo John how do I end the song? [JOHN] OH! If you ain’t dancing then you gotta get the fuck out! Drink that shit like gatorade Shaving cream on my asshole what! Cool If you’re enjoying this then your fucking stupid! ahhh ahhh auhh auuuh Yo, end the song. From the debut album "Something Profound" by The Daniel Smith Comatose Experience Programming: John Biswakarma, Jeremy Mejia 2) Vocals: John Biswakarma, Michael Lozano Production: John Biswakarma, Michael Lozano Mixing: John Biswakarma, Ivan Julian Slutsky, Elliot Young Mastering: Elliot Young Artwork: Rayamajhi Arpana, John Biswakarma, Michael Lozano Photography: Adam Axel

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